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An Institute Run by Banglar Pathshala Foundation

Shakti Bidyalaya is an institution that runs series of schools in urban slum areas of Bangladesh established by Banglar Pathshala Foundation. From 2008 we provide free mass education to underprivileged children and street urchins.

Since its inception, we have covered 5,431 children among approximately 12 thousand families through our mass education program in Bangladesh. Our aim is to make realize the deprived children about their human rights and dignity through our basic education, awareness programs and cultural activities.

Shakti Bidyalaya Branches

  1. Mirpur, Section No. 1 Zoo Road Slum branch, Dhaka
  2. Mohammadpur Johuri Moholla Slum branch, Dhaka
  3. Gulshan-1 Korail-1 Slum branch, Dhaka
  4. Saydabad, Doyagonj Slum branch, Dhaka
  5. Shymoli, Adabor, Mehedibag Slum branch, Dhaka
  6. Gulshan-1 Korail-2 (beside bou Bazaar) Slum branch, Dhaka
  7. Mirpur, Section No. 1 New C-block Slum branch, Dhaka
  8. Mirpur, Section No. 1 Gudaraghat (Opposite of Shah Ali Thana) B-block Slum branch, Dhaka
  9. Mirpur, Section No. 1 Gudaraghat (1/B, Gha-24/1, Opposite of Shah Ali Thana) B-block Slum branch, Dhaka

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